Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Sacro-iliac Joint Pain

Sacro-iliac Joint PainSacro-Iliac Joint Pain is a common low back, buttock and leg pain condition.

Advancing Arthritis, Trauma, Obesity, Back Surgery and Spinal Abnormalities are factors in Sacroiliac Joint pain.

Typical SIJ pain is located at the base of the spine or the tailbone with very tender spots to each side. Pain typically radiates from the low back to the upper buttock, lateral thigh, knee and sometimes to the ankle and groin. Many patients have associated Myofascial Pain (muscular spasm pain), especially those who have suffered for a long time. Activities such as walking, sitting, turning, and sweeping motions can be very painful.

If left untreated, Pain can be very severe!

A comprehensive pain treatment program may include Medications, Physical therapy, Chiropractic care and Injection therapy.

Sacroiliac Joint Blocks (SIJB) are a common treatment for low back and leg pain.

SIJ blocks can be performed to Diagnose your pain. If your pain is relieved then your pain probably originated from the SI joint, although some patients have a combination of pain sources.

The SIJ injection is performed with X-ray guidance by your Pain Doctor under “Twilight Sedation” and numbing by Local Anesthetic, so minimal discomfort is experienced. Most patients get excellent pain relief and your activity should progressively increase.

Therapeutic booster treatments may be required on an occasional basis until the pain is fully controlled. More permanent techniques are available.

The injection is very safe and effective. You may wish to discuss safety with your pain doctor in more detail. Our pain doctors are highly trained and experienced to assure safety.