Injection Therapy

Injection Therapy

Epidural InjectionYour doctor has (may) recommend an injection for the management of your pain.

This is based on the History of your pain, the Physical Examination, and X-rays, MRI, EMG, and other studies.

Each Injection gives your Pain Doctor information on the source and characteristics of your pain. Your Doctor will then discuss further alternatives specific to your pain, your health, anatomy, and age, balanced against any risks. This information allows your Pain Doctor to more effectively care for you.

Your injection may be Diagnostic, in that it may prove, demonstrate, or uncover the source of your pain. You should know that your pain may originate in an area remote from the place you feel the pain. This is called Referred Pain. If you do not receive relief from your injection, it is very likely that your pain did not originate at the place of injection. A diagnostic injection at another site may be indicated. After each injection you will need to schedule a Follow-up Office Visit with the Pain Doctor to discuss the outcome and the diagnostic plan.

Your injection may be Therapeutic, in that your pain may be relieved partially or completely. It may be one in a series of injections designed to maintain your pain under control. Further therapeutic injections may be required based on your response to therapy.

If you do receive Pain Relief, at the Follow-up Office Visit, your Doctor will then discuss further alternatives specific to your pain. Medical Management may be offered, such as Medication, Physical Therapy, Psychological and Medical or Surgical Consultations. Advanced Pain Management Techniques may be required in certain cases depending on the diagnosis.